Safe Showers

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Safe Showers is a bath remodeling business that specializes in providing fast installations with the goal of helping seniors, veterans, and others with access difficulties to live comfortably in their homes.  The company serves the San Antonio, Austin and surrounding communities as well as the Texas Hill Country with two showroom locations.

Top Quality Products

All of our shower walls and pans are all solid surface products, which are man-made non-porous, low maintenance materials. A major appeal of solid surface is in its seamless nature eliminating areas for water to collect and requires no porous grout for bacteria to grow.

Our doors are made with tempered safety glass that will never shard or shatter.

Safety First

Since the greatest demand for tub-to-shower conversions come from people 50 years of age and up, safety considerations are critical in the design process. The skid resistant shower floor makes its users feel like they are standing barefoot on their kitchen floor, and the large shower drain installed by our licensed Master Plumber results in a quick water run-off so users don’t stand in a puddle. The scald proof valve the master plumber installs eliminates the shock of sudden changes in water temperature which can cause falling.

Top Quality Installation

Before the shower is installed, the old tub and shower walls are removed right down to the wall studs. The entire area is thoroughly cleaned and any mold or mildew in the area is eliminated.  Blocks of heavy wood are installed between the wall studs in preparation for the installation of safety grab bars. We then install Hardie Moisture resistant backer board that is used to attach our finished walls.

Safe Showers is ready to serve your needs for tub-to-shower conversions, walk-in tubs and replacement tubs.  Reach out to us and we’ll schedule a free consultation to design the perfect solution for you.