Aging-in-Place Bathroom Remodeling Tips

A walk-in bathtub with blue marble wall surroundsAs we head toward our golden years, one of our goals is to age gracefully while enjoying the familiar comforts of home. For those with mobility concerns, however, the bathroom can be a potential area of challenge. While it’s supposed to be a haven for relaxation, the bathroom creates more anxiety for seniors than any other area of the home because of the dangers of slipping and falling.   

Through thoughtful aging-in-place bathroom remodeling, homeowners can create a space that not only addresses mobility concerns but also promotes independence and confidence. If you’re considering a bathroom remodeling project and want to focus on aging-in-place upgrades, there are several steps you can take to ensure that you achieve the results you’re hoping for.  

Understanding the Basics of Aging-in-Place Bathroom Design 

Before you begin an aging-in-place bathroom remodel, it’s crucial to start with a solid foundation. For example, you should consider widening doorways to accommodate mobility aids like wheelchairs or walkers. This not only enhances accessibility but also ensures a seamless transition between rooms. Other steps you can take include: 

  • Adjusting the vanity height to accommodate wheelchairs 
  • Installing a floating vanity to accommodate walkers with wheels 
  • Installing a higher toilet that makes standing up and sitting down easier 

Shower or Bath Design: Striking the Right Balance 

The choice between a shower or bathtub is pivotal in a bathroom remodel for seniors. If you choose a low-threshold shower design, you can eliminate tripping hazards and facilitate easy entry. Alternatively, a walk-in tub can provide the therapeutic benefits of a bath without compromising safety. Balance is key—prioritize convenience without sacrificing style. 

The Importance of Lighting Design 

Proper lighting plays an important role in an aging-in-place bathroom, but it is often omitted from bathroom renovation plans. For seniors, a well-lit space is vital, especially in areas where slips and falls may occur. During your aging-in-place bathroom design, you can incorporate task lighting near mirrors and fixtures to enhance visibility. Motion-sensor lighting can also be a game-changer, providing hands-free illumination when needed. 

Must-Have Products for Mobility & Safety 

In your quest for a safe and functional aging-in-place bathroom, some products will provide such an elevated level of improved functionality that they are almost necessities. These include: 

  • Strategically placed grab bars that provide support and enhance stability 
  • Non-slip flooring options that minimize the risk of accidents 
  • Built-in and removable shower seating for those who are unstable on their feet  
  • Ramps that allow a wheelchair to clear a low shower threshold 

Partner With a Trusted Senior Bathroom Remodel Company 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the many aging-in-place bathroom remodeling options at your disposal, the team at SageHome is ready to ease your mind. We’re home services specialists offering the most innovative aging-in-place products on the market. Through our family of leading brands, we make it easier for individuals across the United States to gracefully age in place.  

Contact us today if you would like more information about our senior bathroom remodeling products and services.