Smart Storage Solutions for Aging-in-Place Bathrooms

A  modern walk-in shower with corner caddies and a wall shelfIf you’re remodeling a bathroom for someone with mobility concerns, safety and convenience will likely be top priorities. Smart storage solutions play a key role in achieving an organized and accessible bathroom for individuals who want to age in place in the comfort of their homes. So, what are some storage options that can be seamlessly integrated into walk-in bathtubs and showers?

A Wide Array of Options

Creating a safe and convenient bathing experience for individuals with reduced mobility is a vast industry in the United States. Therefore, there are plenty of storage options you can choose for your project. Choose from:

Built-in Shelves

Built-in shelves provide a convenient space to store toiletries and towels within arm’s reach.

Corner Caddies

Corner caddies are excellent for optimizing space in both walk-in bathtubs and showers. They offer ample storage for soap, shampoos, and other essentials without cluttering the floor.

Shower Niches

Incorporating shower niches into the design allows for discreet storage of shower essentials while maintaining a sleek and organized look.

Shower Baskets

Attaching baskets or racks to the shower walls provides a designated spot for holding soap, sponges, or even a handheld showerhead for easy accessibility.

Towel Bars or Hooks

Install towel bars or hooks close to the shower or bathtub for hanging towels and robes.

Removable Storage Accessories

Consider using removable adhesive storage solutions like hooks or baskets. These are versatile and can be adjusted or relocated as needed to accommodate changing storage requirements.

By integrating some of these storage options into walk-in bathtubs and showers, you not only enhance accessibility but also improve the overall functionality and aesthetics of the bathroom during an aging-in-place remodel.

A Leader in Aging-in-Place Bathroom Solutions

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