Where to Save & Splurge in Your Bathroom Remodel

A newly remodeled luxury showerIf you’re planning a bathroom remodel project to create a safer and more convenient space for aging in place, it’s essential to strategize where to allocate your budget effectively. Balancing between saving and splurging can make a significant difference in achieving your safety and aesthetic goals in your project.

Let’s explore some factors to consider when deciding where to save and where to splurge during your aging-in-place bathroom remodel.

Investing In a Safer Bathroom

If your priority is to create a bathroom that’s safe for individuals with mobility issues, splurging on certain features and modifications is a smart investment. Prioritizing safety enhancements ensures a secure environment that allows independent living and minimizes potential accidents. Here are key safety upgrades worth splurging on:

Walk-in Bathtub or Shower

Installing a walk-in bathtub or shower eliminates the need to step over a high barrier, reducing the risk of slips and falls. These fixtures offer easy accessibility, making bathing a safer and more convenient experience.

Grab Bars

Strategically placed grab bars near the toilet, bathtub, and shower provide essential support for stability and balance. Choose high-quality, sturdy grab bars that can bear weight reliably.

Slip-Resistant Flooring

Invest in slip-resistant flooring options to minimize the chances of accidents, especially in wet areas of the bathroom.

Accessible Sink & Countertop

Consider installing a vanity with an open design or a lower countertop to accommodate a wheelchair or provide ease of access for those with mobility aids.

By investing in these safety upgrades, you ensure that your bathroom is optimized for functionality, promoting an independent and safe living environment.

Focusing on the Wet Space

If budget constraints are a concern, a savvy approach is to focus on renovating the wet space—areas directly related to bathing and showering. By strategically concentrating your efforts, you can achieve a significant aesthetic improvement without overspending. Here’s how to save while still achieving a stunning transformation:

  • Upgrade fixtures – Replace dated faucets, showerheads, and hardware to give your wet space a modern and fresh look. These upgrades are relatively affordable and can make a big difference in aesthetics.
  • Make good lighting choices – Smartly placed lighting fixtures can create a soothing and well-lit space that looks and feels luxurious.
  • Accessorize and decorate – Add decorative elements such as new towels, bath mats, and shower curtains to complement your updated fixtures and create a cohesive and appealing look.

Focusing your remodeling efforts on the wet space allows you to allocate resources wisely while achieving a visually striking transformation.

Contact the Aging-in-Place Experts

By carefully planning where to save and splurge, you can achieve a bathroom that combines safety, functionality, and aesthetics and produces an enhanced bathing experience. If you’re interested in starting a budget-friendly bathroom remodeling project and aren’t sure how to get started, SageHome can help. We have a network of prominent brands offering products and services that can produce a safer bathing experience for homeowners throughout the United States.